Helpful Sites to Explore
You may want to visit other sites for more information:
Archives of our Senior Living column which appears every Thursday in the Record Searchlight. Mary Burger, Dr. Arlen Burger and Dave Besana, management team at A Brand New Day have developed a strong following in the community as a result of this column. You will learn issues facing seniors on a local, as well as national level.
The California Partnership for Long Term Care offers an honest, straightforward look at the facts, the costs and the emotional challenges of long-term care, while weighing real world solutions.
You can access 5,600 nonprofit associations dedicated to helping people make the most of the aging experience.
The Dept. of Health and Human Resources Administration on Aging site which provides information on home and community based services to help the elderly maintain their health and independence. There are links to find local programs, information on medicare, long term planning, etc.
Our local agency dedicated to helping seniors and those with disabilities. Golden Umbrella runs programs for seniors and a support group for families dealing with Alzehiemer's Disease.